LOCH Magnetic Drill 1100 Watt

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LOCH Magnetic Drill 1100 Watt


1. Tilt protection for motor air inlet to avoid liquid and debris falling into the motor.
2. Two way adjustable slide rails which allows adjustment to suit different requirements. Maximum stroke to 210mm. Rail positioning function which allows motor to stop at any  osition to prevent self-rig decline and avoid cutter damage.
3. Internal self-lubricating function to ensure longer gear life.
4. Automatic cooling system with external cooling ring design to prevent liquid overflow into the gearbox.
5. Ergonomically designed handle, designed to unscrew for storage.
6. Comfort Grip handle.
7. Lifting Holes and insurance rope holes guarantees double protection when unit is being used out of position.
8. Tilt body design ensures rigidity and improved drilling accuracy.
9. Magnetic adhesion protection ensures that the motor does not start on nonmagnetic or low adhesion materials.
10. Magnetic base with dual magnets ensures maximum adhesion of 10000N.

LOCH Magnetic Drill 1100 Watt

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