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Super Performance Industrial Wipes

Super performance wipes for hands, tools, surfaces, ANYTHING!!

  • 100 wipes per pack – 380mm x 250mm
  • Super soft, strong & absorbent
  • Quick clean up – removes paint, silicone, foam, grease and adhesives
  • Safe to use on all surfaces
  • Releases one Uniwipe at a time
  • Alcohol free with vitamin E & aloe extract
  • Hand safe
  • Stays wet and usable for over 1 hour
  • Wipes that people trust and love to use!

Possible uses – but your imagination is where it ends!

  • Construction – keep your hands clean and germ-free. Use for site cabin clean ups and to keep tools and surfaces clean.
  • Service and on-site engineers – ideal for places where there’s no running water
  • Automotive – roadside mechanics, car valets – safe on all surfaces, seats dash and mats, alloy wheels, car parts and compartments
  • Decorating – suitable for paint and glue removals, pre-work damp dusting and cleaning up
  • D.I.Y – the list is endless – wherever you need to wipe or clean
  • Recreation – use on BBQs, sports, camping and gardening equipment and more!
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