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Dektite Flashings

Ablefix supplies the original, genuine Dek-tites

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Our Black Dektites are available in a wide range of sizes and can be painted with acrylic paint & withstand temps. up to 115 C or 150 C intermittently.
  • Low profile base with watershed sleeve
  • Large square base will cover a larger opening
  • Twenty Year warranty – just fit it and forget it!
  • CSA Approval number 70029509
Code Description Pipe OD mm Base mm Box Qty
DFE100B Dektite Premium #0 0 – 35mm 100 x 100mm 20
DFE101B Dektite Premium #1 0 – 55mm 139 x 139mm 15
DFE102BA Dektite Premium #2 50 – 70mm 181 x 181mm 15
DFE103B Dektite Premium #3 5 – 127mm 221 x 221mm 15
DFE104B Dektite Premium #4 75 – 175mm 280 x 280mm 10
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