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Sealants, Adhesives, Paints and Lubricants

Ablefix Fasteners specialises in a broad range of sealants, adhesives, paints & lubricants. Everything from Builders Construction Adhesives & Maxbond PVA glue to Silicone, Gap Filler, Sikaflex, Fire-rated Caulk, Fire Rated Foam, Expanding Foam, Premium Caulking Guns, Plumbers Blue Glue (Pipe Cement), Builders Bog, OX Spot Marking Paint, Metal Armour Paints, Cold Gal Spray, Inox, Silicone Spray, Metal Cutting Spray, Metal Cutting Paste, Soluble Cutting Oil, Saw Wax, Sika Grout, Waterproofing & Thread Locking Compounds. The list goes on.

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Checkout our range, SDS bits up to 1m long in stock!

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