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Mungo MIT-SE PLUS Chemical Anchor 300mL & 400mL Tube Options

The Mungo MIT-SE PLUS Chemical Anchor is a Vinylester Morter Styrene Free Chemical Anchor.

Key Features:

  • European Technical Approval Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete with anchor rod and with rebar used as anchor
  • European Technical Approval according to ETAG 029 for use in masonry
  • European Technical Approval for post-installed rebar connections
  • German National Approval for post-installed rebar connections
  • ICC-ES Report ESR-3410
  • Fire resistance test certification F30-F120
  • Fire resistance test certification F30-F240 (Rebar)
  • VOC free according to Swiss legislation and certified A+ according to DEVL 1101903D / DEVL 1104875A
  • LEED – Test Report
  • Certification for drinking water systems
  • The anchor may also be used under seismic influence for performance category C1
  • Universal mortar for highest loads in almost all building materials
  • Fast curing
  • Variable setting depth
  • Application also in damp and water-filled drill holes
  • Suitable for overhead fixings
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