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Trade Tub – Zip-It Hollow Wall Fastener Nylon – 400 pce



In stock


In stock

Zip-It Hollow Wall Fastener Nylon – 400 (Code: TUBZIP-IT NYLON)

Packaged in a Plastic Builders Tub!

Versatile plasterboard anchors ideal for 7g or 8g screws of any length!

  • The beauty of Zip-its is it’s not super critical which screw diameter or length screw you use unlike others in its class. Use 7 or 8g screws, e.g. coarse or fine thread bugle head electricians’ screws, 8g chipboard screws, pan head & button head screws.
  • Hollow core centre allows free passage of the screw meaning you don’t have to be accurate with your screw length, unlike others where along screw will push the whole anchor through the wall.
  • Unique thread design preventing over-tightening.
  • Removeable, unlike cheaper brand Zip-its can be removed leaving only a small hole in the plasterboard.

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