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Aluminium Extension Ladders


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Durable Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminium Extension Ladders.

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Code Range Availability Weight
IN-PROX14-SF 2.60 – 4.10m Non Stocked 14.6kg
IN-PROX18-SF 3.20 – 5.30m Non Stocked 15.4kg
IN-PROX22-SF 3.80 – 6.60m Stocked 18.6kg
OX-T331413 4.1m – 7.2m Stocked 18.5kg
IN-PROX26-SF 4.4m – 7.8m Non Stocked 23.0kg
IN-PROX30-SF 5.0m – 9.0m Non Stocked 25.8kg
IN-PROX33-SF 5.6m – 9.9m Non Stocked 28.4kg
IN-PROX36-SF 6.3m – 10.8m Non Stocked 32.6kg

These robust heavy duty ladders have been designed to last and incorporate the best methods of joining the industrial grade aluminium structural components so that the ladder can withstand repeated use without the joints loosening.
The rungs utilize a 3-piece rung joint system for attachment to the side rails such that they can be manufactured from high tensile and hardened aluminium for greater strength and durability.
All aluminium components have been anodized for superior corrosion resistance and lower retention of dirt and grime.
Fully automatic latching system ensures that upper section will not descend out of control.
Standard Pro Series extension aluminium ladders are fitted with Level-Arc for use on sloping ground or swivel feet are available by ordering ladder with “SF” suffix. Eg PROX36-SF.
The ladders are covered with a lifetime warranty against faulty materials or workmanship.

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