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4-20mm QForce Step Drill Spiral Flute



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In stock

Qforce Step Drill Spiral Flute 4-20mm (Code: QFSFSDM4-20)

Our Qforce Spiral Flute Step Drills are ideal for drilling thin sheet metal. Step drills can drill sheet metal faster than traditional methods due to the fact that they start with a 4mm step which easily cuts through the metal being such a small diameter. Once the first step is through the hole the following steps which increase by 2mm in diameter per step pop through the sheet metal with ease & in the case of the 4-32mm one drill bit can handle holes from 4mm up to 32mm!

  • Spiral flutes are a step-up from traditional straight-flute step drills. The spiral cut-away offers faster chip ejection & superior drilling performance.
  • Capability: Qforce step drills can drill through 2mm thick sheet metal & can handle most steel types however hardened or stainless steel requires a drilling lubricant: Sutton’s Venom Metal Cutting Spray: 300g | Ablefix
  • Limitations: Step drills are only designed to drill through single layers of steel, double-layers of even very thin steel can cause the tip to break if the two layers are more than a step thickness apart or if the steel moves out of line while drilling. Also stainless & hardened steel will significantly reduce the drill life-time of your step drill. Consider our HSS or TCT sheet metal hole cutters for this application: Qforce HSS Hole Cutters | Ablefix & TCT Hole Cutter | Ablefix

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