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Stronghold: The Power of Plasterboard Anchors

Specialists in all things plasterboard anchors:

We often get asked the question, what is the best anchor for plasterboard? Take a moment to watch the informative video in the link below for a quick overview of our range of heavy-duty plasterboard anchors:

The Strap Toggle is a wall anchor that is designed to provide a secure and strong hold in drywall and other hollow materials. Its unique design allows it to be easily inserted into the wall, and it expands behind the surface to provide a solid connection. The Strap Toggle can be used for a variety of applications, including hanging shelves, mirrors, and other heavy objects. It’s the go-to anchor when you need to be sure that your fixtures will stay put.

The strongest anchor for plasterboard is the Strap Toggle. 🙌🏼

However, our Hollow Wall Anchors, Plastergripz, Zip-its, Wallgripz are all ideal anchors for plasterboard as well & each have their own unique advantages. 

Hollow Wall Anchors, steel or aluminum are probably the most versatile plasterboard fixing. Size options depending on the thickness of your wall, we have the 3-16mm steel & the 3-10mm aluminium versions which can handle anything from thin fibre-cement board to standard plasterboard walls. 

Are you looking for Hollow Wall Anchors that won’t pull through the back of the plasterboard when you pull them up? Our range of Hollow Wall Anchors are designed specifically for Australian plasterboard thicknesses. For standard plaster walls in Australia the thickness will be either 10mm or 12mm. In this case our 10-12mm range (HWA4S) is ideal. You can however still use the more multi-purpose 3-16mm (HWA4SL) which is suited to both standard plasterboard and thin fibre-cement board (crimps down as small as 3mm).

Plastergripz, Zip-its & Wallgripz are the quickest plasterboard anchors to install, simply require screwing in- no setting required. While they aren’t as strong as Hollow Wall Anchors they still can handle reasonable loads, the installation time save is their biggest advantage.

Looking for something better than green plugs or blue plugs? Go Qfix Universal Plugs – Suitable for almost any application!

From hollow and solid brick to aerated concrete, the Qfix Universal Plugs get the job done. They also work great on bathroom wall tiles, fiber-cement, and plasterboard. The twist knot hold behind plasterboard acts like a hollow wall anchor, making these plugs suitable for almost any scenario. With these plugs, you won’t have to worry about your wall fixtures coming down any time soon.


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