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Qscrews & Qfix Screwbolts: The Ultimate Quality Concrete Screw and Screw Bolts

Looking for an alternative to pins & charges, gas powered nailing?

Our customers are finding the 5 x 70mm & 5 x 83mm an ideal replacement for pins & charges, fixing timber bottom plates to concrete.
– Fast to install, simply drill a 5mm hole through your timber into the concrete & screw straight in!
– No plug or setting required.

– Screw timber bottom plates to concrete
– Screw timber battens to concrete
– Screw saddles to masonry walls
– Screw isolation switches to concrete

– Screw steel track down to concrete
– Far more cost effective alternative to pins & charges

Suitable for:
– Concrete
– Brick
– Aerated Concrete

Now available in 5 different lengths:

If you’re looking for a replacement for sleeve anchors or even screwbolts for fixing timber frames down to concrete the Wafer Head Qscrew is the solution!

– No need to add washers as they already have a large washered head.
– Cost effective
– Fast to install, only requires a 6mm drill hole cutting down installation time compared to 10 & 12mm sleeve anchors
– Suitable for concrete, brick, block or even use as a heavy-duty timber screw!
– Available in a value Trade Tub of 400 screws & the torx driver bit

NEW TRADE TUBS OF SCREWBOLTS, the best way to buy your Screwbolts:
Bulk value Trade Tubs of Qfix Galvanised Screwbolts in 3 size options: 6.5 x 50mm, 10 x 100mm & 12 x 100mm.

When we get asked, what is the best anchor for concrete? We usually will ask you a few key questions: 

1. Application, are you fixing close to the edge of a slab? 

2. What load per anchor do you need to achieve?

3. Does the anchor need to be removeable?

The answers are: for close to slab edge concrete fixings there’s really only 2 safe options, chemical anchor or Screwbolts, both high-strength fixings that don’t put expansion stress on the concrete. To point 2, for high-strength fixings for acheiving high loads in concrete your options are Screwbolts, Through-bolts or Chemical Anchor. To point 3, the only high strength concrete anchor that can be removed effortlessly is the Screwbolt. 

Safe to say, overall Screwbolts are the best concrete anchors. For technical data & advice please contact our helpful sales team today: 1300 225 334


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