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585ML PURE150-PRO epoxy injection adhesive (Formally PowerFast PRO) is a new and improved two component structural epoxy packaged in a specially designed cartridge. The cartridge is made from an engineered plastic and is used with either a manual or pneumatically operated injection tool. The new epoxy is a low odour, premium, high strength pure epoxy, which contains low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has a proven track record. The mixed adhesive is now a red colour, for easy inspection on site. PURE150-PRO epoxy injection adhesive is designed for use in anchoring threaded rod, bolts, and reinforcing bars into concrete and other solid base materials. PURE150-PRO is fire rated and details of this test program are available in the fire resistance section of this manual. In addition to anchoring applications, PURE150-PRO epoxy injection adhesive can be used for bonding steel and cured concrete to cured concrete. It can also be used for pick proofing applications and for surface sealing cracks in concrete. Was Power-Fast Pro Cartridge


585ML PURE150-PRO Cartridge Box Qty: 1

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