AC100 PRO Chemical Anchor (Formally V12) 410ml. Box Qty: 1

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AC100PRO (Formally V12) is a 2-component reaction resin, mortar based on a vinyl ester styrene-free formulation. It is available in a 420ml (10:1 ratio) coaxial cartridge delivery system. This high performance anchoring adhesive can be dispensed using a variety of hand, battery or pneumatic dispensing tools via a proprietary static mixer nozzle. The proprietary static mixer nozzle is specially designed for use with AC100PRO and ensures efficient mixing of the 2-component resin with minimal waste. AC100PRO is especially designed for anchoring of threaded rod, reinforcing bar or internal threaded rod sleeves into concrete and masonry base materials. AC100PRO is also suitable for use in overhead applications. AC100PRO is a fast curing, non-sag adhesive which makes it ideal for horizontal applications as well as vertical ones. Unlike other systems on the market, one formulation is used for both solid and hollow base material applications, reducing the chance of job site installation errors. The fast curing characteristics of the AC100PRO formulation make it ideal for use in a broad range of weather applications.


AC100 PRO Chemical Anchor (Formally V12) 410ml. Box Qty: 1

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