PV45 PRO (Formally KF2) 410ml Cartridge Box Qty: 1

PV45 PRO (Formally KF2) 410ml Cartridge Box Qty: 1
Brand: Powers
Product Code: PV45PRO
Availability: In Stock
Specifications:  MSDS AC100e and PV45PRO
 TDS AC100E and PV45PRO
Price: $27.50
Ex Tax: $25.00

PV45 PRO Chemical Anchor (Formally known as KF2) is our most economical & our no 1 seller of the range. The PV45 PRO adhesive system consists of a cartridge and a static mixing nozzle for use in attaching reinforcing bar and threaded rod to concrete, brickwork, and blockwork. It is suitable for close to edge and high vibration applications and can be used with the studs, mesh sleeves and accessories.

Typical Applications:

  • Structural steel 
  • Barriers
  • Starter bars 
  • Cladding restraint
  • Masonry support 
  • Curtain walling
  • Fencing
  • Balustrading


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